Is Internal motivation the key to unlocking your inner abilities?

The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long. Remember your origin and your hard times that you faced to get to this point, and that will give you the extra bit of energy you were looking for. Internal motivation is the key to unlocking your potential to keep you going for the long term.

What is Internal Motivation?

Internal motivation is what drives you to go that extra mile. It refers to the characteristic that is driven by internal rewards. Internal or Intrinsic motivation doesn’t concern itself with external factors and is focused only on you alone. Internal motivation is long-lasting as the effect comes from within. External motivations are temporary as external factors are involved.

Internal motivation occurs when you act without any external factors. In other words, it happens when you do something that you like, a hobby or a career that you had a passion for. It should be internally rewarding not for other external reasons such as money, fame, etc. Internally motivated behaviors offer other rewards that offer much higher value such as a sense of feeling that you’re destined for much greater. And a positive feeling that you are doing something for the right reason. When you begin to see results, the sense of achievement is far more wonderful.

Make your life a masterpiece; Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.

Brian Tracy

These are some of the factors to increase intrinsic motivation:


When people are curious about something, they will want to get to know more about it. This will increase the intrinsic motivation to venture into different unexplored parts and get something done.

The tendency to help others:

People get satisfaction from doing the right things to help out people. Be it helping them mentally, or from a dangerous situation. This increases intrinsic motivation and pushes them to do some more which in turn spreads positivity to others.


When faced with a challenge, people break barriers and overcome them. Setting goals and achieving them for the personal growth boosts self-esteem and their overall value.

Greater purpose:

When you feel that your actions have a greater purpose, then you would be inclined to do that no matter what. Psychologists call this “re-framing your narrative.” Even a small task can increase your intrinsic motivation if you understand that there’s greater good waiting on the other side.

The Power of Internal motivation:

Go up and don't stop for anything.

No matter how hard or impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal. Internal motivation drives you to achieve heights that no others can. And the most important factor is that it keeps you going for so long where most others may end up giving up halfway.

If you find yourselves doing something that you don’t like to, for any extrinsic motivation such as money, there might an end to it. Rather find something more rewarding, interesting and something you wouldn’t do without. This will help you come up with awesome ideas and be someone who you always wanted to be. A feeling which would’ve never come if you were focused on extrinsic motivations.

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Final words:

Are you looking for long term happiness and serious motivation to pursue things that you like? Find the intrinsic motivation within you. It can be so easy to get caught up in other things that offer lesser value. Don’t let it cloud your purpose and judgment. Realize your potential, gather all the courage you need and start today on your path towards a well-balanced life.

If you’re looking for intrinsic motivation or any help with balancing out the priorities, think about all the things you’ve endured and how much you’ve grown. Isn’t it reason enough to do more out of your life?

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