How to overcome failure and lead a happy life?

Most people assume that failure in life is something negative, but the truth is that without failure no one can taste what success feels like. After a failure, can someone still be optimistic? Sure. If you train your mind well enough, it can cope up with any problems you throw at it. Is training the mind all that is required to overcome failure?

The difference between a novice and a master is that the master has failed more times than a novice has tried.

You can try and fail many times but the real failure is when you stop trying. Failure promotes mental growth as you can deal with problems with ease now that you have gone through so much. Anyone who has tasted success would have experienced a lot of failures. But they don’t complain, rather they work hard and keep trying over and over again until they reach success. To overcome failure, you don’t have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle as others suggest.

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It is important to learn from your failures as it teaches how to deal with it if it ever occurs again. But not attempting to learn from it or holding yourself back will give you regrets later when you look back at some point.

Failures are really hard to digest and can sometimes throw you off course from your goals and aspirations. But understanding that it is also a stepping stone to success brings you a sense of comfort and will help you accept it and stay strong.

No matter what life throws at you, you should be willing to get back up and show that you’re fighting another battle that will ultimately take you to success. If you feel that everything is falling apart, use the pieces to reshape and rebuild yourself. Accepting that is the first to overcome failure. Read on as I explain how to overcome failure and lead a happy life.

Be the Best version of yourself.

Why do you want to go and look out for a successful personality when you can be one yourself? Being yourself is not sometimes enough, that’s why you should strive to be a better version of yourself. Be someone who can inspire others to greatness, can help them in hardship, go out of your way to make this a better place. A lonely path can take you to places that no one has ever traveled before whereas following the herd will only get you as far as them. Learn to appreciate that you are unique in your own way and encourage others to lead a better life. The change begins with you.

Take what is useful and leave out the rest.

It can be so easy to absorb everything that you come across and it will be hard to distinguish the good from the bad. Train yourself to adopt only what’s good for you and hone it for perfection. Even if you only know one skill, master it and do it better than anyone else. Keep failing at it until you beat it.

While I agree that there are a lot of bad things in this world, there is still goodness in people’s hearts. If you find something good, learn and nurture it and watch it bring good things to you and the people around. A small act of kindness creates an endless ripple. Success is built from countless failures.

Failure teaches you a lot more than you think.

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Failures can be good teachers as they enhance your mind to see your flaws and fix them. Sometimes you have to face failures in order to grow and reach new heights. It is recommended to try and fail rather than do nothing and still fail.

When you’re determined, motivated and have nothing to lose, then you are unstoppable. Be willing to have an open mind to accept criticism and turn them around to grow instead. If you feel you are overwhelmed, take a deep breath, take a step back and realize what is wrong. Sometimes your mind is powerful enough to show the possible solutions to a problem or you can try to get answers from somewhere. More often than not, the solution to every problem lies within yourself.

Keep your Aims Sky High.

When you fail, get back on your legs and work on yourself. Just because you failed a couple of times doesn’t mean you have to give up or settle for something less. When you have a big aim, it is perfectly fine to fail several times. After all, you are destined for much bigger things. The moment you stop giving up, grow and keep doing it over and over again, it becomes an addiction. Even if you don’t reach success, you can rest assured that you gave it your full potential. All the things you learned along the path are yours to keep and will help you somewhere down the line.

Master your inner self.

When you master yourself, you can master everything that’s around you. Ignorance and weakness can prevent you from reaching success even after countless failures. It is important to understand your flaws and work towards correcting them. No one knows you better than yourself and if they say they do they are lying.

Realize your inner potential and beat the odds against you. Prove that you are not someone bound to the walls around you and build yourself an empire to rule.

Forgive yourself.

When you forgive you do not only release the other person. You set yourself free from all of that agony too. Make forgiving yourself a part of your daily life and try not to resent yourself for something that’s happened in the past. It is crucial to not be dragged down by your past, instead focus on what you learned from it and forgive others to get a sense of relief. Failure is discouraging only if you let it remain that way. Focus on rebuilding yourself and never lose sight of your goal.

Live your life fully despite the setbacks.

Failures come to even the best of us and it is how you deal with it, that matters. It is easier to give in and lose your way. But a better way is to smile in the face of adversity and say that you’re not going down that easily.

Most people don’t know their purpose until their late 20s’. They give up way before they even started. Find the inspiration to do things. Sometimes your failures turn out to be your best success story.

“It doesn’t matter what happens but how you take it”, in other words, what matters is your interpretation of the situation and how you take it. Everything will pass in time. What you are going through shall pass too.


A whole world of happiness is waiting on the other side of failures. Failure is a great learning curve and remember, it’s not always too late to change your life. Use your failures as opportunities to grow further and inspire others along the way. If you are waiting for happiness, stop looking for it and start working towards what makes you happy. And that is where happiness is.

How did you overcome failure? Let me know if you have, and what you think of this post in the comments.

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