Find your true self and be limitless!

Most of us wear a mask and hide our true self in the fear of being judged. People compromise and give up their dreams and vision to end up being someone they aren’t. The job we do, the people we surround us with, the habits we take upon all are our own choices. We must learn to accept it and change it if we don’t like it. Because, if we don’t stand up and decide to change it, no one else will. That’s why it’s really important to go and do what you are meant to do, to find your true self. You are not getting a second chance most of the time, that’s why you have to make each one count. Be ready and on your legs so that when an opportunity knocks at your door, you will be prepared to grab it.

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Not all heroes wear capes, but you know that there’s one within you who has been doing it all right from day one. While you focus on fear which is often disguised as practicality, the result at the other side goes unexplored. Don’t lose your true self and choose a path because of the fear of something you never tried out in the first place. Find why you are here and what you’re destined to do. As life’s greatest purpose is to pass on what you know to others, there can’t be any greater pleasure than that.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

E.E Cummings

Realize your true self.

Realizing your potential and finding what you are capable of doing is only the first step. Most people assume they can’t do something without even trying. That may be something that others force us to believe because they never tried it.

If someone were to tell you that you can never be someone that you dream of being, don’t limit yourself and get demotivated. Only you know yourself better than anyone else. Be ready to accept who you are but never fit into any mold. Because we are not copies of each other. What worked for someone else may not work for you. People speak from their view of how they see it, not how you would see it. Stop comparing yourself to the people around you. The ego inside you always keeps reminding that you are never good enough and you have to keep changing yourself to be more like them. Because you won’t know what is actually enough. Let me tell you, you are enough. Just the way you are. Accepting this will bring you much closer to a higher state of consciousness.

Be quiet and observe.

See yourself for who you are, not how others view you. Sometimes, you have to step back and take a deep breath to hear and understand what’s going on around you. The silence can be deafening too. But don’t let that fear get to you, as it will make you limit yourself to what others think of you. Don’t cage yourself, you are meant for greatness and that will only happen if you see you for who you truly are. Observe the positive and negative things about you and embrace it. When you accept it, then you will begin to see positive changes inside you, giving you a feeling that you’re not bounded anymore. Be ready to take in more good things that will benefit you and ignore the bad things. It’s alright if you were born weak, but it isn’t right to remain that way.

Believe in yourself.

When you believe nothing is ever impossible, there is nothing to lock you down to earth. You can leap high and reach greater heights if you drop the doubt, fear and other factors that drag you down. Fear and doubt are the two major factors that prevent people from going after what they like. A reverse process could be implemented here. Find experience, role models, evidence and facts that support your belief. And that belief now tells you that something is possible instead of the other way around.

We are only limited by our mind and that barrier will break if you believe yourself enough and do what you love.

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Listen to your intuition.

There is no such thing as purely rational thought. Sometimes there’s a gut feeling that tells you that you have to do this. We are guided by emotions and emotions will help take shortcuts in arriving at a decision. An inner voice tells you that you like something that you do and you listen to it. When you follow your inner voice, it will guide you to unlock your true self. That doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore your logical decisions. But there should be a balance between intuition and logical decision making. Finding the fine line between these two can be difficult and that’s something that will take time to master.

If you feel like you were born to accomplish something, that feeling was triggered by yourself as a result of the inner voices guiding you.

Find what others think of you.

If you can’t assess yourself, take the help of others and ask them what they think of you. The answer isn’t going to be perfect as we know it. But it will indicate a few things that you may have overlooked and never knew about. You may be excellent at what you do but if you see others complimenting you for your other talents, it’s time to explore to those a bit as well. If you can’t seem to find your true self, let others do the hard part of giving you the options to get started. While this may not prove to work all the time, it certainly can give you an overview of how you are being viewed by someone else.

Some people hear and some people listen, you need to learn to understand the difference.

The real you is what’s underneath all the masks you wear and if you keep looking for it outside, you may never find it. When you understand yourself and your purpose in life gets big enough to conquer your fear, that’s when you know that you have reached your greatest potential.

Build something bigger than yourself.

Before you get started, an idea may just never exist. When you start working on it, they will come to exist and be clearer. And when you’re done building the idea, you will find a sense of completion. Build an idea that would change you and in turn, others around you for the better. When you find yourself adding more value to the people in your life, that’s where your true self lies. A greater self doesn’t vanish or rot away as time passes. It would be something that you pass on to others and inspire them to bring completion to others’ lives. Our lives are bound to each other and that’s exactly the reason why we should make this world a better place for everyone to live.


Realize your true self and connect with people, not to be famous but to serve a greater purpose. If you don’t have the vision to make the world a better place, then you are wasting your life. Have faith in yourself and share it with someone who might be searching for it all along.

Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. When you understand yourself, you will find peace, and as a result, you will find success quicker than ever before.

Have you taken steps to find your true self yet?

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