How to stay motivated for a longer period?

How to stay motivated for a longer period?

Are you someone who has big dreams but feel that you aren’t committed enough? There are a lot of other people who are in the same boat. We have the desire to follow our passion, possess the roadmap to get there and sometimes have all the resources we need, yet fail to begin or reach the destination. Have you wondered what is it that we lack? To stay motivated, one has to start somewhere, get used to the task knowing the complications and keep doing it while overcoming all the failures. Motivation alone cannot get you closer to your dreams. It takes a lot of effort, determination, sacrifice and diligent work to get to that point. And most of the time it needs you to deliver consistently even after reaching there. So how do you keep yourself going against all the odds?

Using the Goldilocks principle to stay motivated

I read about a technique that can help keep you at peak motivation for a longer duration. It’s called the Goldilocks rule. It suggests that, if you maintain the challenge at an optimal sweet spot, then you won’t feel demotivated or feel discouraged. The trick is to keep the challenge at a manageable difficulty level.

If you feel the challenge/ task is too easy, then you won’t do it as you will grow bored at some point. But if the task is too hard, then you will get discouraged and lose the will to do it. So it is recommended to do the tasks that are at the right difficulty level. And thereby maintaining the motivation at a higher state all the time.

While this is true, it doesn’t mean to ignore tasks that are less or more challenging. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to focus on them too, some may even grow challenging down the line. Or if you get better at that task, then you will naturally want it to be more challenging.

Why do you lose motivation after a few days?

Usually, people take new resolutions at the start of a new year and start with determination. But they can’t continue beyond a certain point for some reason. It’s not that they lack information and eventually lose interest over the course of time. They also know the importance of doing it and the benefits that come with them. But the missing factor can be self-doubt, missing a clear vision, not focusing on your goals, wanting instant gratification or all of these combined. Hitting the gym is one of the most common examples. You can go join one and continue the habit for a week or so. But you can lose interest after that as you won’t see results immediately. If you start doubting if it’ll get you to where you want, then you will think of reconsidering the decision itself.

The world is designed in a way that benefits people who are able to make consistent work in a better way. The ones who seek instant gratification are left behind in the race. It is so easy to forget your purpose amidst all the distractions, but the rewards that you are really after will only come to you if you walk the path that is harder.

How do you keep your motivation at Peak?

The best way to stay motivated is by remembering the reason why you started. A simple example such as keeping a picture of you doing what you like, on display, will help you to reorient the focus that looks like it’s about to shift. This will influence you to do the work you have to. A constant reminder of what you would be with or without the goal will go a long way in helping the cause.

Motivation doesn’t come on its own without getting started in the first place. You have to take up the challenge, like it and start getting used to it. Once you start to see the results, it becomes harder for you to give up. Until then, you have to keep putting in the

Additional factors to help you stay motivated

If you are planning to make use of the Goldilocks principle, these factors will also improve the probability for you to stay motivated.

Breakdown the Goals

You have always heard people tell you to keep your dreams sky high. Sometimes it can be daunting as it will discourage you from pursuing them as they look unattainable at some point. If your dream scares you, then break it down into simpler ones. This makes it easier for you to believe that it can be accomplished and can also help you get things done much faster. For example, constructing a building may look like a big task. But if you focus on the things one day at a time, it will help you make things easier and the progress trackable.

Have a Plan of Action

It is important to have a plan of action to guide you on your steps to reach the goal. Without a clear vision and a plan, you will only move along endlessly into random paths. Ultimately that will lead to regret and resentment. It is better to chart out how you want to get closer to your dreams if you want to make them a reality.

Reward Yourself

This is overlooked most of the time when you keep working hard towards your goals. Sometimes it is necessary to keep checkpoints during the course and reward yourself well for all that you’ve done. If you don’t think you are deserving enough for all the tireless hours you spent, then think again. Rewarding yourself can push you up when you hit a wall and prevents you from experiencing burn out.

Keep Positive people around

Keeping people who are supportive and want the best for you around will make it less complicated. They can act as someone who you can lean on during tough times and also help you track your progress. When you stop focusing on the goals, they can help you get back on the horse. They can also be supportive of your goals even when they have only a tiny part to play.

Keep Track of Your Progress

As someone following our passion, we need to constantly have a check on our progress. It is a feeling of satisfaction and relief that our work is taking a form and beginning to make sense. To have that sensation and tracking the progress regularly will help you stay motivated in the long run.

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Are you someone who is highly motivated or still working towards your goal? I hope you get what you always wanted and live a fulfilled life and make your dreams come true.

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