What should one do in 20’s to avoid regrets later?

The world isn’t perfect. But it’s there for us, doing the best it can, and that’s what makes it so beautiful!

As someone in their 20’s, you will be given a lot of huge responsibilities on your shoulders. Well, it is the time to explore and get to know about the world and find your purpose right? That’s undeniable. But don’t you think such acts should also go without regrets for your future self? I asked people who are in their late 30’s and 40’s about their regrets and made a list of important things that should be done right to put you into godspeed for the years to come. Have you ever thought of what should one do in 20’s to avoid regrets later? If only people knew these steps earlier they could live a regret-free life.

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.

 Stephen R. Covey.
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What should one do in 20’s to avoid regrets later?

So what should one do in 20’s to avoid regrets later and live a fulfilling life?

While this list can get you started, there are a lot more things that can be added according to your needs.

  • Learn finance and how to manage money efficiently.
  • Talk to a lot of girls/boys but marry only for love.
  • Chase dreams and Ambitions
  • Travel every 3 months to a new place.
  • Reciprocate the care & love people give you.
  • The first wealth is health.
  • Stop wasting time, you’re not getting it back.
  • Be ready to face a lot of failures and embarrassments, it’ll only build you up.
  • The art of saying ‘No’.
  • Learn how the world operates around you.
  • Aspire to become better than you were yesterday.

Financial Literacy :

There are people who have no clue what they spend their money on, or just not that good with money management. With the internet almost reaching out to everyone, there are a lot of finance-related courses, blogs and tips available that one can make use of. You can save tax, cut down unnecessary expenses, get better investments made.

Relationships are overrated:

Literally, it is. You shouldn’t force a relationship to last. And if you have to, then it is not meant for you and should be let go. Someday you will happen to cross path with someone who loves you and will break you out of the walls you put around your heart. Trust me, that’s when you know its the right person. You deserve a life with no regrets!

Go after your passion:

You should’ve at least known a hundred people stating this to you. But they are not wrong. By following your passion, you don’t have to tie yourself down to do something you don’t like every day. If doing something feels like you were born for this, then you should spend some time on it to identify if that’s your purpose in life.

Go travel to re-discover yourself:

When you lose sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart. Traveling helps you find what you really want. The solace, experience, the journey and the people you travel with, makes it all the more worthwhile to go on one every three months. Sometimes, going away for a bit is all the remedy you need to relieve stress.

Love the people who love you:

In this never-ending pursuit of finding people to love, it’s easy for someone to forget the ones who really love you. Your family, friends, and love of your life need your attention and time. Remember all those good times you had with them? It’s time to cherish it and make some more beautiful memories.

Take care of your health:

No one knows the reason why they’re here. You just have to go find it out as you go along. For the path to be a bit easier, health is really essential and one has to give it the care it deserves. People usually miss this one out and regret it at some point later.

The Relentless Time:

Time isn’t a cruel or a relentless force. But, Procrastination is. The time you lose in your 20’s can’t be made up by the time in the 30’s or 40’s. You just have to find things worth doing and invest time in a better way, that makes you grow or get some skills that will benefit you later. According to me, the only bad skill is the one you didn’t bother developing.

Failures are good:

What if I told you that we’ve all been taught wrong that success is all that matters, but nobody taught us that there are a lot of hardships, pain, hard work, perseverance behind the scenes that helped us get to this point.

The Art of Saying ‘No’:

If you don’t like something, just say no to it. It’ll help you avoid a lot of unpleasant scenarios and you’re much better off with standing up for something you want to do. Saying yes for the sake of it won’t get you far if at all brings you only unexpected problems later.

Learn what’s going on around you:

People generally don’t jump into the picture, unless it has something to do with them directly. But there are thousands of things that affect their daily life. For example, politics, finances, environment, climate, technology and so much more. Learn how these work and what could be done to improve them. It’s so much better than just being a keyboard warrior.

Become a better version of you:

You don’t have to be better than someone else. Not everyone started at the same starting line. Just strive to become a better person than who you were yesterday. It gives you happiness and you will learn to enjoy life even more. Your time will come.

what should one do in 20's to avoid regrets later
what should one do in 20’s to avoid regrets later?


You will gain life-changing experiences and a lot of moments to cherish in your 20’s. All that matters is for you to make the most of it and live it as if it’s your last day. Do what scares you, but make sure that’s something you would be proud of, in the years to come.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this post and I’ll give it a thought for the next ones! Until then, Hang on to Life!

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