6 things to do today to overcome depression!

The past makes you want to die out of regret and the future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is most likely the happiest time. You have to act right now if you’re feeling depressed and starting fighting back. There isn’t an instant remedy, but I’m sure these tips will help you to overcome depression by getting you on the right track.

What is Depression?

Depression is a common disorder that is more prevalent among those between ages 15-50. Almost one in three people are affected by it. It can hinder you from leading a normal life or even seeking the help needed to begin your recovery. Lack of energy, low self-esteem, and excitement are some of the symptoms that make it hard to get out of a depressed state. For anyone experiencing this state, it’s important to understand that depression is a treatable disorder. There are a lot of medications available that can help treat you.

Cause of Depression:

The usual cause of depression will be genetic factors or some stressful events in life. There might be a lot of reasons as to why a person is undergoing depression. Might be losing someone, loneliness, unemployment, or anything else that you can imagine. A person undergoing these will start to have a negative view of the things happening to them and these voices inside the head will only make it worse. Start by not paying heed to those inner voices and learn to be positive no matter what.

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

Things to do to overcome depression

Here are 6 things to do today to overcome depression and live a life with no regrets:

Do what excites you / something you liked to do before:

People with depression, sometimes don’t even realize that they’re having it and do things that they like. And that’s the state we’re trying to target. Being lazy and staying on the couch all day will only make things worse. Stay active and find a hobby or something that you liked doing in the past. This will re-activate your body and ignite a spark to take the first step towards your recovery. Sometimes, even small things will make a big difference and lift your spirits to achieve something bigger.

Plan something and look forward to it:

Locking away yourself from the outside world is usually a common thing as you start hating everything that’s happening. And that’s what you have to change. If you don’t like a place, just take time off and travel somewhere. It can be solo travel as it’ll give you chances to meet like-minded people or give you new experiences. If you believe you have a purpose in life, then that will be a motivating factor for you and create a spark inside you.

Hearing good things about yourselves:

People undergoing depression will likely thing bad of themselves and they don’t see themselves as not being useful to anyone. Remember some good things in the past and cherish those memories. At some point, you would’ve gone out of your way and helped out someone that would have put a smile on their face. You are more beautiful, smart and better than what you think. The fact that you’re reading this is already a boost to get you back on track to those better days ahead!

Be active and stay fit:

Don’t be numbing out and isolate yourself. Go get a gym membership or simply walk it off every day. Not only is it beneficial to your body, but it also helps increase nerve cell growth which in turn can reduce depression if you follow it regularly. Exercise being a natural element to fight depression has other advantages such as building yourself up physically and mentally.

Talk it out and find peace inside:

Having someone to talk to and being heard is a part of being human. There must be someone who would be willing to hear how you’re feeling. Go let your heart out and sometimes that will soothe the pain that you’re feeling inside and if you don’t want to share something personal, there are online platforms like 7 cups (I’m a volunteer there myself) which can get someone to listen to you and you can still be anonymous if you want. This is something you have to try out.

Overcome depression - Not alone.
You are not alone.

Get help if nothing works:

If you’ve tried all these and still don’t even feel like you’re getting close, you will need expert assistance. Try getting in touch with Counseling psychologists. They help people with physical, emotional and mental health issues and alleviate feelings of distress and resolve the crisis. You should be proud and pat yourself if you consider seeking the help of a therapist because it takes someone the courage to break out of their shell and reach out for help.


Sometimes a hug is more than a thousand words. Just go hug someone that you like and see their warmth reaching your cold heart. It will be hard for others to understand how you feel. But that’s fine, you are powerful enough and its something that only you can beat. No matter what happens, never give up. Good things will come to you soon.

Let me know your thoughts on this post and if you are undergoing the stages to overcome depression, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be glad to hear you out! Until then, Hang on to Life!

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