How to Believe in yourself and overcome the odds

We all have faced fearful times and adversity in life and it gets really hard to believe in yourself anymore. You try to think positive but that doesn’t get you that far. Because you force yourself to be positive but self-doubt holds you back. Self-doubt stops you right before you even begin sometimes. It also creates unwanted thoughts and many scenarios in your head that will never happen.

Failure comes to everyone and what matters is how we deal with it instead of numbing out and blaming it on fate. Instead of searching for reasons and playing the role of the victim, take control of the situation at hand and start working on it.

If you want to make people dream, you’ve got to start by believing in that dream yourself.

Why should you believe in yourself?

While I write about all these topics, it occurred to me “why should I bother?” That’s when I realized why I picked up the interest in the first place. The reason for doing this sounded better than the reason I had for giving up. Remember when you have a vision that is hard to let go of, giving up is no longer an option. There will be many setbacks and failures. You have to learn to pick yourself up, learn to correct what went wrong and go back to achieve it. The future self must thank you for what you do today. Have belief in yourself that you will no longer wait for the good times and start taking action to get them.

Infographic - Believe in yourself

Are you afraid of failure?

Trying and failing is not a bad thing. It takes courage to stand up when you’re weak and believe in things again. Being not accepted by anyone, having enemies and making mistakes is not something to regret. It’s the steps you took to overcome all these, that matters. Why aren’t you accepted by anyone? – It’s because you are unique and don’t fit in with other simpletons. Why do you have enemies? – Because you no longer give in to the crowd’s opinion and have your own voice. Why do you make mistakes? – It’s an opportunity to learn from it. You still have room to grow even further. The best people that ever lived weren’t accepted initially either until they proved themselves.

Find out why you doubt yourself.

Self-doubt drags you down from achieving what you’re meant to. Why don’t you believe in yourself? Maybe it’s the person who tells you that it isn’t possible. You’ve probably grown up hearing that you are not destined for that and should give up that dream. The voices of others may have held you back at that time, but it’s your voice that matters.

The next time someone tells you that your dreams are impossible to achieve, ask yourself “Was it me that worked all this time to get where I am or they?”. It’s encoded in your brain that you are meant for this and that’s why you have to do that. Instead of thinking that “I’ll never be good at it” think “what separates me from the rest of them” and “what can I do better to be the best?”. The changes start with self and the next time you think about failure, calm yourself down and tell yourself “I’ll just try again”.

Surround yourself with positive people.

We have instances where we have people voicing out their opinions when we didn’t even ask from them, in the first place. These opinions don’t just steal your energy, but also stop you in your tracks. All that confidence you built up just goes down the drain and you end up feeling desperate.

While it’s not easy to push away these people (maybe friends or acquaintance ), it is still possible to make your mind up to not pay heed to these opinions. Think of how you feel when you do something that you love to do.

It’s really important to have positive people around you at all times. They will guide you or give you the push that you desperately need at times when you’re stuck. Sometimes that’s all you need to go and be yourself. You always need someone that accepts you for the way you are and help you get back up after a rough day. These tiny things matter and will get you to one step closer to the person you wish to be.

Plan is taking shape.

Keep trying over and over again.

Push past your comfort zone and do things that discomfort you. Sometimes you will find it easier to do things that you thought were hard and who knows, you may even discover yourself along the way. Without trying and putting yourself in the shoes of others, you may never know what lies ahead. Pick habits that boost you mentally and physically and work your way up. Through multiple attempts, you will come to realize that you are more capable and stronger than you think you are and you will begin to believe in yourself.

If things were easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s because they are tough that it needs special people to go after it, despite many failures. It’s possible that you can improve over time and get happiness and other goals you want, by putting in the effort required.

What matters is not the result, but the attempts you make and the efforts you put in every single day. When you have enough progress, success will follow.

Treat yourself better.

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves the love and trust that we deserve. It’s vital to place that faith on you and learn to trust that you can get better things if you put your mind on it and work towards it. While we don’t want others to fail, it’s important to not let us fail too. Give more credit for what you are and be the best version of yourself.


Self-doubt never really disappears, you just learn how to cope up with it. If you never go out of your comfort zone and take a risk, you may never know what you are capable of. If you want to change yourself for the better, go try something that scares you and you’ll appreciate that you’ve tried that when you look back at it someday. After all, trying and failing doesn’t hurt as much as regretting something you didn’t do. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, but nothing will work if you don’t believe in yourself.

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